Opening Season 18-19
HaZira — Performance Art Arena

at Zik Studio: Hemed junction, Beit Nekofa

Autumn Cult

Season Opening Festival 18—19

Autumn Cult focuses on opportunities and possibilities. We open the season with a festival, where we practice and train the possibility of imagining, acting, and changing. At the heart of the Cult there is a fascinating group of artists, imaginative hardworking people. Whether they are taking their first steps or more experienced, they are all unique and persistent in their artistic worldview. Autumn Cult wishes to create reverberation between the works, the artists, and their unique practices, into a voice and a frequency that is a moment in time and a testament to it. 

At the core of interdisciplinary art lies the ability to shift positions. This principle is taught and practiced in its fullest at the School of Visual Theatre and extends into the professional realm of Hazira. We are anti-specialists. While the specialist hons exceptional aptitude in a narrow and focused field, we operate in a wide range of positions within the artistic act. We live and work as creators, performers, technicians, teachers, students, managers, and producers. We clean, build, and arrange, or shine bright for a moment at the center of the stage.The movement and change surround our imaginary city square, or the atom nucleus we circle. We re-ignited the space left by the “tribe’s campfire” with the artistic action and the endless, common discussion on the elusive nature of the artistic process and the original piece that resides in the cult.  

The Cult is a moment to think about the way we act, to understand it anew and differently. I look at a supernova as a metaphor: a celestial event where the death of a galaxy in a huge explosion generates incredible temperatures. Under these spectacular conditions, physical elements and orders fuse and produce a new generation of materials. The death of one world order is a necessary condition for the creation of a new order. In the Autumn Cult, once a year we at Hazira strive to allow ourselves to bring in new orders. It is a moment of the year in which we come together, artists and audience, to create a safe experimental setting, where a delicate tapestry of thoughts, energies, and outlooks is woven. The performances and actions in the Cult are interrelated through profound values.

These are based on original works by artists from disparate periods and disciplines. They meet the creative act in its raw state. They create their own unique language, method and syntax. These are personal actions that seek to take place and share their thoughts with an engaged and curious audience. A stage, musical, or sculptural world – the works of the Cult are based on a creative adventure that sets out to explore new elements, fused from existing elements. In Autumn Cult we strive to create intimate conditions in which we can enhance artistic freedom, and amplify the unique voice of each artist – to hear and feel the reverberation of a common frequency. 


Amit Drori
Director of Hazira

5-13.10.18 Zik Studio:
Hemed junction, Beit Nekofa
(further directions on site)

Performance 0:7 "Solidarity"

School of Visual Theater


The Autumn Cult is over but the SVT Performance Conference 0:7 is just beginning!

You are welcome to enter the link and check the abundance of performances. The school of visual theater is a joint organization of the HaZira We invite you all to take part in our exciting open season events!

חברי הנהלת העמותה:
עזרי לוי (יו״ר), שמוליק כהן, גלעד לביאן, יואל מקוב, חנה יולזרי, איציק הרמן.

צוות הזירה הבינתחומית:
מנהל אמנותי ומנכ״ל: עמית דרורי
מנהלת תכניות: שגית צור
מנהלת הפקה: קרין לדרמן
מנהל טכני: דדי נדה
שיווק ופרסום: נועה גמליאל
מכירות: סהר קלאר
מדיה דיגיטלית: גליה עיני
הפקה: בתאל דותן
צוות טכני: דניאל גמליאלי, אמיר מאיר, עינב רוזוליו, זקי קוואסמי

תומכים: משרד התרבות, עירית ירושלים, הקרן לירושלים, מועצת הפיס לתרבות ואמנות, קרן לוין, אאוטסט, קרן ברכה.

עיצוב: סטודיו ג2
צילום: סטודיו zooz
תכנות: felix007

For tickets and further detail:    02-6783378
Zik Studio: Hemed junction, Beit Nekofa (further directions on site)
Waze directions: Beit Nekofa