Autumn Cult

Season Opening Festival 18—19

Autumn Cult focuses on opportunities and possibilities. We open the season with a festival, where we practice and train the possibility of imagining, acting, and changing. At the heart of the Cult there is a fascinating group of artists, imaginative hardworking people. Whether they are taking their first steps or more experienced, they are all unique and persistent in their artistic worldview. Autumn Cult wishes to create reverberation between the works, the artists, and their unique practices, into a voice and a frequency that is a moment in time and a testament to it. 

The Cult is a moment to think about the way we act, to understand it anew and differently. in this context, consider a supernova as a metaphor: a celestial event where the death of a galaxy in a huge explosion generates incredible temperatures. Under these spectacular conditions, physical elements and orders fuse and produce a new generation of materials. The death of one world order is a necessary condition for the creation of a new order. In the Autumn Cult, once a year we at Hazira strive to allow ourselves to bring in new orders. It is a moment of the year in which we come together, artists and audience, to create a safe experimental setting, where a delicate tapestry of thoughts, energies, and outlooks is woven. The performances and actions in the Cult are interrelated through profound values.

In Autumn Cult we strive to create intimate conditions in which we can enhance artistic freedom, and amplify the unique voice of each artist – to hear and feel the reverberation of a common frequency.