Hazira is a theater and a production house for original work in the realms of performance and contemporary theater. The focal point of its activity and identity is creative artists who work in a wide variety of fields: theater, performance, dance, plastic art, experimental music, and media. Hazira’s artists have a creative signature that sets trends and is in constant dialogue with the work that is done in Israel and around the world. Every year, Hazira creates original productions, festivals, and special projects, which amass into an exciting entirety that aspires to view artistic creation as a comprehensive and ambitious way of life. Throughout the years, Hazira has become famous both in Israel and abroad as a dynamic production house that dedicates all its efforts and resources to create the complex conditions that are reqiored for the development of original and high-quality artistic languages.

Located in Jerusalem, Hazira consists of several departments: an artistic department, administration and management, production, a technical and logistic affairs, marketing, advertisement, and sales. Together, these components envelop the artists and the creative processes to allow the optimal expansion of the inner and outer boundaries of inspiration, thinking, and imagination. 

Hazira was founded in 1999 as a development of Habama Theater (1989), which was founded by Mario Kotliar and Hadas Ofrat, alongside Hakaron Theater and the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem. The founders of this association were able to visualize the future: an artistic space that strives to enable freedom of thought by blurring the boundaries between the various creative domains. In the years of its activity, Hazira has established a following – a loyal community that is deeply devoted to thinking, to the discourse. and to our ongoing formation as a culture and as a society. Behind the scenes, Hazira strives to advance long-term artistic research and does so, among others, in programs dedicated to the development of artists, projects, and the technical and professional development of creative tools. Hazira's repertoire includes about 15 original productions that are staged permanently throughout the season. The performance season opens with the 'Autumn Ritual' Festival in October and lasts until the end of July.

  • Artistic and General Director

    Amit Drori

  • Vice Director

    Sagit Zur

  • Production Manager

    Leah Stora

  • Technical Director

    Dadi Nada

  • Communication

    Noa Gamliel

  • Sales

    Adi Talby

  • Sound and Stage

    Amir Meir

  • Stage Director

    Daniel Gamlieli

  • Lighting

    Valentin Abramov

  • Sound and Stage

    Niv Gafni

Board Of Directors: Azriel Levi (Chairman) / Shmulik Cohen / Gilad Lavian / Itzik Herman / Hanna Ben Haim - Yulzari








HaParsa - Center for Performing Arts, Haparsa 3, Talpiot, Jerusalem

activity time

Sunday through Thursday 09: 00-17: 00

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