Galia Einey

Multi – disciplinary artists, director, artistic director and video artist. live and work in Jerusalem. works independently and in collaborations. Graduate of the Israeli School of Animation AI, Musrara Art School in the department of advanced students for experimental music and sound arts. Graduate of School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem. Awarded scholarships from the Erik Saidy institution in the Jerusalem institute of contemporary music, and excellency award of the Jerusalem Foundation, as well as excellency award from the Jerusalem Mayor.

  • Tofaah

    artistic director, Performance and visual art series of events, Alliance House, 2019

  • Good Night talpyiot / TLV

    co artist in Tsena group, a collective of artists produced by Hazira. created "The Dinner Club" and "Good Night talpyiot / TLV", 2015-2019

  • She'eino Mafsik Lehikatev

    an instillation in the group exhibition, Holon center of Digital Art, 2018

  • Tactoniks

    presented her work in Tactoniks festival for new and experimental music, Tmuna Theatre, 2017

  • Abima

    performance, Tmuna theatre, 2017

  • No place like Home

    an exhibition - specific performance, for "no place like home" exhibition, production of Hazira, Israel Museum, 2017

  • International performance conference

    commission for the SVT's International performance conference 0:6

  • LAMA

    instillation in the group exhibition "edges and icebergs", Holon Center of digital Art, Jessy Cohen. as part of Musrara School of art

  • Voice of the Word – Windows

    artistic director of Hazira's festival, in collaboration with Jerusalem municipality, 2016

  • Be'emet ve Ke'ilu

    SVT's International performance conference, 2016

  • Manofim Shuttle Lines

    a commissioned piece for the opening night of Manofim art festival, Jerusalem, 2016

  • Merkaz Koved

    creation and curation of the event as part of Curation project of New Spirit, Genogly Center of Visual Art, Katamon, Jerusalem, 2016

  • The Book of Joshua

    assistant director for the production by Guy Biran, Hazira, 2016

  • anything you can't see

    a diploma piece in SVT, Jerusalem. was performed also in Israel Museum in DADA symposium, 2016

  • Genogly

    Genogly Center of Visual Art, Katamon, Jerusalem, performance workshops for young audiences

  • Leftovers Floating in Space

    performance art, Alfred gallery, Tel Aviv

  • Manofim

    Production of the opening night of Manofim Art Festival, Jerusalem, 2013

  • Zazim

    sound designer and dancer in Galit kreiden's work, SVT's international performance conference 0:3, Jerusalem

  • SVT's Marathon

    created several art works in SVT's Marathons: "we will be right back with Johnny Depp, "all about Silvia", "circular symmetry", "Please behave"