Nurit Dreamer

Nurit Dreamer is a director, creator, and performer. She is an artist of Hazira – Performance Art Arena. A graduate of the School of Visual Theatre (2018), Jerusalem, awarded for excellence from the Jerusalem Foundation 2016 and 2018. Studied and trained in various programs including Jan Fabre, Sharon Zuckerman Weizer, Yasmeen Godder and Itzik Giuli, Maya Weinberg. Created stage works – “A SHOW”, “Kushelirabak” and “Solo for a bear”; public art works – “Intimately at the football stadium” and “Talking with strangers on the bus”. Performed with her works in several festivals including Autumn Cult, Intimadance and Israel Festival. Exhibits in different places including Meshuna Gallery, The New Gallery – Artists’ Studios Teddy, Ma’amuta – Art Center in Jerusalem. Studies Cinema and History in the Open University in Israel.

  • Kushelirabak

    a piece for 3 ladies and a barbecue. Hazira, 2019

  • A SHOW

    a collaboration with Tohar kleiner, as part of a residency in Hachanut gallery theatre, 2018

  • Residency

    Hachanut gallery theatre, 2019

  • I don't think you can handle this'

    a solo piece, SVT Jerusalem, Kelim center, BatYam, 2017

  • Every year on the mountain

    short film, SVT, Jerusalem, "Cinema on the Table", 2017

  • slide luck

    video work, MIMESIS, Tel Aviv, Harama online magazine, 2016

  • Coming Soon

    performance for trio, SVT, Jerusalem, 2016

  • Shaul's shoes

    sound and installation, Kola Shel Hamila Festival, Hazira, 2016

  • transition ritual

    managing children ensemble, working on movement and composition for the shooting of the video by Sigalit Landau, 2015

  • Eros and Tanatos

    number 9 gallery, 2016