Omer Sheizaf

Artist and Lighting Designer (b’ 1982). BA in literature and philosophy – Tel Aviv University, MFA in Art Studies, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. His works were presented in various galleries and venues, including: Traiomf (Moscow), Artist’s Studios Gallery, Nehoshtan Museum, Basis Gallery and others. His works deal with public spaces, lights and stages, focusing on the interaction between the performative element and the environment.
As a lighting designer, he developed his unique style in theater and contemporary dance. He awarded prizes for his achievement, (including the Fringe Prize, and Acre Festival Prize). He is teaching his methods in various academies. as a lighting designer he collaborated with many artists, including: Yasmeen Godder, Roi Asaf, Neta Barzilay, Bat Sheva Dance Company, Sharon Eyal, Yonatan Levi, Noam Inbar, LA Dance Project, Göteborg Opera…

  • Raam

    פרפורמנס תלוי מקום, עבודה משותפת עם נעם ענבר, גלריה בסיס, הרצליה 2018
    site specific performance, with Noam Inbar, Basis gallery, herzliya, 2018

  • Crop and Makeup

    Nehoshtan Museum, Ashdot Yaacov. curator: Smadar Keren, 2017

  • Cousin itt

    illuminations exhibition. curator: Roi Brant, Samana gallery, Kazan, Triomf, Moscow. 2018-19

  • no one is in here but...

    Sunset, curators: Yasmeen Vardi and Lia Tsigler, Artist's Studios, Tel Aviv, 2018

  • Cut Scene

    MFA Graduation Exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, curators: Gil Marco Shani and Dor Gez

  • A Rainbow in the Studio

    "Censura" exhibition, Aza 13 gallery, curator: yehezckel Lazarov, 2017

  • blurred boarders

    collaboration with Ofer Laufer, "Menorat Laila festival", Tel Aviv 2016

  • Simun Shvilim

    collaboration with Ofer Laufer, "Hedim" event of the Jerusalem season of culture, 2016

  • Climax

    עבודת מחול של יסמין גודר, ייצור פסלי אור,
    Light Object for Yasmeen Goder's dance, Wiener Festwochen, 2015

  • Bezalel Academy MFA studies

    Art and Light masterclass, 2019

  • material of the absence - about light and art

    Curator, conference, CCA Tel Aviv, 2018

  • On/Off

    יוזם ומוביל את קבוצת המחקר און/אוף לחקר אור באמנות ביחד עם נעמה בראור ומתן גולן, 2016-2019
    co funder and organiser of a research group, with naa'ma Baror and Matan Golan, researching light in arts.

  • kelim

    masterclass for lighting design in contemporary performance. kelp choreography center, Bat Yam, 2014-2017

  • Kushelirabak

    lighting design, Nurit Drimer, Hazira, 2019

  • Neta Barzilay

    lighting design, European tour, 2018

  • Zula 2000

    lighting design, Ariel Braun and Maya landsman, Acre festival 2018

  • Demonstrating Restrain

    lighting design, Yasmeen Goder, 2018

  • Tel aviv fever

    lighting design, Ballet du Capitole, Toulouse, 2018

  • Boys and Girls

    lighting design, Bat Sheva dance company, 2018

  • while the fireflies disapered

    lighting design, Mor Shani, Inbal Dance Company, 2018

  • Buses

    lighting design, Gil Marco Shani, curator: Aya Meron, Israel museum, 2018


    lighting design, Roi Asaf, Göteborg Opera, 2017

  • Curtain Up festival

    lighting design, Suzan Dalal, Tel Aviv, 2017

  • and my heart almost stand still

    lighting design, Ari Teperberg, 2017

  • Curtain Up festival

    lighting design, Suzan Dalal, Tel Aviv, 2016

  • common emotion

    lighting design, Yasmeen Goder, 2016

  • Adam

    lighting design, Roi Asaf, Bat Sheva dance company, 2016

  • Bil

    lighting design, Sharon Eyal and Guy Becher, Junior ballet, Geneva, 2016

  • Nefilim

    lighting design, Yonatan Levi, Hazira, 2016


    lighting design, Yasmeen Goder, 2015

  • Curtain Up festival

    lighting design, Suzan Dalal, Tel Aviv, 2015

  • Running out of history

    lighting design, Michal Halfman

  • Sharim Bakikar

    lighting design, noam Inbal, Tel Aviv museum, 2015

  • Sound like yourself

    lighting design, Michael gatman, Fresko dance company, 2015

  • 2 acts for the blind,

    lighting design, Roi Asaf, LA dance project, 2014

  • Raful and the sea

    lighting design, Yonatan Levi, Hazira, 2014

  • palm tree

    lighting design, co - creation with Nava Frenkel, 2013