Anat Ben David

artist site

interdisciplinary artist, pioneer, video artist, composer, Experimental pop star, performance and opera researcher. collaborated with various artists including Yoko Ono, Douglas Gordon, Orlanand and many others. co artist in Chicks On Speed, Graduate of the School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem, MA fine art – Goldsmiths College, London, Ph.D – Kingston university, London. Visiting lecturer/ workshops- post graduate level: Performance, Fine Art, Fashion and Fashion-Communication – Central Saint Martins, London, Royal Collage of Art, London Royal Academy, London

  • Popaganda

    2004, Solo Album 'Popaganda' self-published

  • Virtual Leisure

    Solo Album Virtual Leisure on Chicks On Speed Record

  • Chicks On Speed

    collaborating with Chicks On Speed Art Projects and co-writer

  • Art Rules crew

    Art Rules crew- Douglas Gordon and Chicks On Speed

  • On Margate Sands

    2010 Solo Album On Margate Sands, self-published at Limbo projects

  • Oscilation and Disturbance in the opEraArt

    music publications, Oscilation and Disturbance in the opEraArt. 2010-2015

  • MeleCh

    Solo Album MeleCh LP Part of MeleCh exhibition at Stanley Picker Gallery

  • Kairos

    Kairos OpeRaArt 2016-2017

  • Corporeal breakdown Fashion Circuits part 2

    Corporeal breakdown Fashion Circuits part 2 -Collaboration with Orlanand Alex Murray Leslie, 3 performances at SaLO, Silencio club, Paris.

  • Kairos

    KAIROS OPERAART, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, UK


    WITCHI, Women In Technology and Creative industries Hub, London, UK

  • Death of Fashion?

    Death of Fashion? Corporeal breakdown fashion circuits, with Alex Murray Leslie at Barge House, london, UK

  •  Oscillation and Disturbance in the OpeRaArT 

    Oscillation and Disturbance in the OpeRaArT Awarded PhD

  • Melech

    Melech, live Performance, opening of Fig2 at the ICA, London, UK

  • Dirt Nonet collaboration

    Dirt Nonet collaboration, touring: Krems-Kusice-london-kaunas

  • DAR

    DAR residency, Lithuania, supported by Sound and Music, UK

  • Melech

    Melech live performance at 'Only Connect' Festival, Oslo, Norway

  • Melech

    MeleCh installation, live performance AND LAUNCH OF MELECH 12" VYNIL at Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, UK

  • Candy Shop

    Candy Shop collaboration with Lina Lapelyteat at Qeen Elisabeth Hall South Bank, London, UK

  • Candy Shop

    Candy Shop with lina lapelyteat, counterflow Festival, Glasgow, Scotland

  • On Margate Sands, AMuSe

    'On Margate Sands' and 'AMuSe' performance at Borealis Festival, Bergen, Norway

  • A whole loads of rubbish

    'A whole loads of rubbish' performance and publication with Stuart McKenzie at the ICA for Publish and Be Dammed, London, UK

  • The Ambivalent Funeral Procession

    The Ambivalent Funeral Procession: Israeli State Artists, group exhibition, curated by Avi Pitchon, Tobacco 001, Ljublijana, Slovania

  • Scream

    "Scream" Album recording and collaboration with Chicks On Speed, residency and performance at ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany.

  • Sound Silo

    Live performance at "Sound Silo" for Borealis at B.A.S, Bergen Norway.

  • Electronic Voice phenomenon

    live performance at 'Electronic Voice phenomenon' – Mercy, Liverpool Biannual, Liverpool, UK

  • Nicole Eisenman exhibition

    live performance at Nicole Eisenman exhibition, Studio Voltaire, London, UK

  • Gala’s Invitation

    Best soundtrack prize- 'Gala’s Invitation' at Asvoff, Barcelona Spain

  • A Modest proposal

    'A Modest proposal' with Melissa Logan, curated by Book works, at the Showroom London, UK

  • Politix Of Sound

    'Politix Of Sound', comission- Spore Festival, Arhus, Denmark

  • Cultural Workship Now

    'Cultural Workship Now' Chicks on Speed- at kunstraum kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

  • Sopernormal festival

    Sopernormal festival, collaboration John Richards- Dirty Electronic, Oxfordshire, UK

  • Soundwaves festival

    Soundwaves festival, collaboration with Kaffe Matthews, Brighton, UK.

  • Prototype Hits

    'Prototype Hits' with alex murrey lesley for Girl Monster 12, kampf Nagel,hamburg and Düsseldorfer, Germany

  • What is queer about queer pop?

    Live performancve at Life is Life: What is queer about queer pop? HEBBEL AM UFER, Berlin

  • NSK Conference

    Performance at NSK Conference at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.

  • Girl Monster

    Girl Monster, performance at Rue Princess, Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin

  • Chicks on speed

    Chicks on speed at 'Don’t art fashion music' exhibition at DCA, Dundee- Scotland

  • Stereo Total

    Stereo Total European tour supporting act

  • This is Experimental Pop!

    'This is Experimental Pop!' at Mapping Festival, Geneva, Swiss

  • This is Experimental Pop!

    'This is Experimental Pop!'at Hazira, Jerusalem, Israel

  • Connecting Nothing With Nothing

    'Connecting Nothing With Nothing', solo exhibition and launch of 'On Margat Sands Album' at Limbo Projects, Margate, UK

  • Destroy

    'Destroy' collaboration with Rankin and Douglass Gordon

  • This is Experimental Pop!

    'This is Experimental Pop!' group show and live performance at 'Performance Now and Then', Northumbria University Gallery, Newcastle

  • Lightheads

    'Lightheads' video installation and live performance Herzelia Biannual, Herzelia, Israel

  • Harp

    Harp, Collaboration with Regina Lind, Girl Monster in Donaufestival, Austria

  • Band

    'Band' video installation for 'Spooky Action at A Distance',New Acton, Canberra, Australia

  • Tearing Off A Piece

    'Tearing Off A Piece' collaborating with Adrienne Altenhous

  • Beursschouwburg

    Beursschouwburg, Brussels and Mechelen, Belgium

  • A Socialists Rant

    'A Socialists Rant' exhibition, collaboration with Stuart McKenzie at 10 Vyner Street, London

  • Band

    'Band' (southwest/east) at Whitstable Biennale, UK


    ART RULES KYOTO, Chicks On Speed and Douglas Gordon at The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto (MOMAK), Japan

  • Butt-loop-bongo

    'Butt-loop-bongo' video installation - Chicks On Speed and module 8, Mapping festival, Geneva

  • A new line

    'A new line' Chicks On Speed Exhibition, Kate MacGarry Gallery, London

  • Shoe Orchestra

    'Shoe Orchestra' performance, Chicks On Speed, '25 years for Turner prize at Tate Britain':London, UK.

  • La Nuches Blanco, Art Rules crew

    La Nuches Blanco,Art Rules crew show with Douglas Gordon, At the Matadero, Madrid, Spain

  • Art Rules crew

    Exhibition and performance Art Rules crew show with Chicks On Speed and Douglas Gordon, at Yvonne Lambert Gallery, Paris

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, group show, with Chicks On Speed, Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao, Spain.


    ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU..., Group show at Gallery Enrico Fornello for Contemporanea Festival 07 Italy.

  • Art Rules Crew

    Art Rules Crew performance with Chicks On Speed and Douglass Gordon at the Vienna Art Week.

  • Art Rules performance

    Art Rules performance with in Chicks On Speed and Douglass Gordon at the Pompidou Centre, Paris, France.

  • Switch on the power

    Switch on the power, Group show at Montermeso Vitoria, Spain.

  • L'oquipe Du Beurs

    Performance for L'oquipe Du Beurs, Beursschouwburg v.z.w. Brussels.

  • Switch on the power

    Switch on the power at Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno, Canary Islands, Spain

  • performance

    Botanical gardens Edinburgh with Douglas Gordon and Chicks on Speed, residency and performance

  • Performance

    Performance as part of It's Time For Action, at Migros museum, Zurich

  • Serpentine Gallery

    Serpentine Gallery, Interview Marathon with Rem Koolhaas.

  • Pop rally at the MOMA

    Pop rally at the MOMA, New York with Chicks on Speed and Douglas Gordon

  • Performance

    Performance commissioned by Basel Art Fair in LISTE 06, Basel

  • Switch On The Power

    live art event and installation at Switch On The Power, Marco Museum, Vigo Spain

  • For All Audiences

    For All Audiences, Popaganda-installation, Group Show at Sale Rekalde, Bilbao

  • performance

    Live performance at the town house Miami, Miami Art Basel Art Fair, Miami, USA

  • Imagine a World

    Imagine a World, an Amnesty International group exhibition at South Bank, London

  • Chicks on Speed

    Chicks on Speed tour in the USA with Peached, WIT and Tracy and the Plastics.

  • performance

    Live performance, Turn to the Left event, curated by Pil and Galia Kollective at 291 Gallery, London

  • Wired Women Festival

    Wired Women Festival, curatored with Piney Gir at Spitalfield Market, London

  • Diamonds for Workers

    Diamonds for Workers, group show, Kate MacGarry Gallery, London

  • Chicks on Speed

    Performing with Chicks on Speed at Opening of Mosak Contemporary museum, Spain

  • Athletica

    “Athletica” live performance at Late at Tate, Tate Britain

  • Chicks On Speed

    Chicks On Speed Tour in Asia (Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong) and Australia

  • Tenticalim Project

    Tenticalim Project, Chicks On Speed at the F.A.D, Barcelona

  • Everyone Dances To His Own Personal Boom Boom

    Everyone Dances To His Own Personal Boom Boom' DaDaDa, curated by
    Pil and Galia Kollective: Temporarycontemporary gallery, Lewisham, London

  • Chicks On Speed

    Tour in Japan with Chicks On Speed

  • performance

    performance at City of woman festival 2004 Ljubljana

  • Fly Utopia performance

    Fly Utopia performance at Transmediale in Berlin