Ana Wild

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Ana Wild is an artist and performer. Born in Tel Aviv, she works around and between Geneva, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. Graduate of DasArts, master of theatre, Amsterdam, NL (2015) and The School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem, IL (2011).
Ana’s creation process is a form of studying; pursuing a materiality of knowledge, and assuming dispositions by which to render this pursuit: she is a mythological young-girl, a trespasser, a graceful punk, a middle-eastern thinker, a romantic scholar; Her practice is of creating circumstances in which sharing knowledge is a poetic deed and a subversive act.
Studying marginalized knowledges, Ana tries to identify visual and lyrical expressions within thought-structures. And moreover, their romantic potential as microcosms, encapsulating views on and of the world. Their poetic, non-redundant conceptions which offer a way of understanding the world, learning about it, loving it.

  • Worlds / A Futuristic Canaan Song Cycle

    hazira, 2019

  • Ana Wild and the techno Fertility Choir Singing Songs of Possible Futures


  • Need Proof? Poof!


  • Dance Dance Find Solution


  • Aleph


  • La Traviata and the beginning of the end