Nava Frankel

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A Jerusalem native, 1979. Performance artist. Since her graduation from the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem in 2008, she has become one of the most prolific and central figures in the Israeli experimental scene. Using a unique language, she creates poetic pieces that include a complex word game, play-like choreographic structures, and aesthetic tools that elegantly swing between the sacred and the earthly. She has a BA in Psychology and philosophy. In addition to her artistic work, she teaches at various universities and dance and theater schools across the country. Her works are inter-disciplinarian in the deepest sense of the word. They grow within the theatrical environment but produce an abundance of exciting relationships between the various artistic domains. They draw unexpected links between space and the human object, while making use of day-to-day materials for the creation of infinite plastic poetic moments.

Her performances build rich, closed worlds, devoid of internal plots, which challenge the way we are used to grasp the world and produce meaning. This type of performance uncovers the basic “condition” that is to be found under any plot. It focuses on the behavioral and the existential and directs our attention to the very act of observation, to our own ways of observing.

  • Tnu Li Nekudat Mishan Veaziz Et Kadur Haaretz

    Hazira, 2018

  • I Look After

    Hazira, 2017

  • Learning Songs

    Israel Festival, 2017

  • Achshav Uleolam Lo


  • Palm Tree

  • HaNoté Lamut

    Hazira, ?