Naomi Yoeli

An independent creative artist in the fields of theater and inter-disciplinarian art. Born in Jerusalem, lives in Tel-Aviv. A director, dramatist, theater researcher, actress, puppeteer, and storyteller. A lecturer in the MA program at the Department of Theater at Haifa University, specializing in the performance studies. Until recently, she was a dramatist and director at The Train Theater in Jerusalem. She lectures on her academic fields, such as rituals as theatrical occurrences, and teaches storytelling and the art of puppet theater. She performs across the country, as well as in festivals in Israel and abroad. She has a PhD in theater from Tel-Aviv University (final mark: ‘Outstanding’). 
She is the winner of prizes:  
First prize of Acre Festival (Doda Frieda: Hamozeon), The Israeli Lottery Company Prize for Performance Arts (Landau Prize), Kipod Hazahav prizes for Bein Hasfirot for Play of the Year, Actress of the Year and Adaptation for Theater; Kipod Hazahav for “a breakthrough in artistic language” in the play Nafitz; the Rosenblum Prize for Performance Arts, Tel-Aviv Municipality.  She is an honorary associate of the Open University.   

  • Besorot Neimot Umeshivot Nefesh

    The Ruth Kanner Theater Group.

  • My Ex Step Mother in law

    Hazira, Jerusalem.

  • And Especially this garden

    Festival Babayit, Onat Hatarbut, Jerusalem.

  • Nafitz: Tayarut Milchama

    in cooperation with Galya Yoeli, Premiered in Acre Festival.

  • The Table: a Class work

    An adaptation to a play and a story by Ida Fink – Teatron Katsar Festival, Tsvata, Tel Aviv.

  • Bein Hasfirot

    Based on a book by Netiva Ben-Yehuda, in cooperation with the Ruth Kanner Theater Group.

  • Doda Frieda: Hamozeon

    in cooperation with Galya Yoeli, Nana Ariel and Hadas Kalderon.