Maya Weinberg

choreograph, dancer, performer and teacher (b’ 1975). in her work, Weinberg wonder about the Medium in which she works, and suggesting unexpected ways to deal with the space between the comical and the tragical qualities, that appear between the language and the non verbal intension. graduate of Seminar Hakibutzim, and the Dance workshop of Ga’aton. as a dancer, she started her way in Muza Dance Company, and later was a Dancer at Yasmeen Goder Company. as a teacher she worked in ‘Search Engine’ (direction: Itzik Juli), HZT, Berlin, Vertigo Dance Company’s dance workshop, SVT, Jerusalem and the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem.

  • Missspelled

    Hazira, 2018 with the support of the Israeli Lottery Foundation.

  • MY TRUE SELF revisited

    for Fattoria Vittadini Dance Company Milan, 2011, 2017, A performance for 11 dancers, re-staged at 2017.

  • Is It Better With Head Phones

    a dance piece in a collaboration with Juliana Piquero, catalina fernandez and Alex Viteri Arturo. Developed in a Residency at Pact Zollverein.
    premiered at the Diver Festival, Tel Aviv, September 2017

  • The swan song

    Dramaturgy and performance for The Operetta, an operetta performance of the 8 years queer-feminist collective. Developed and presented at NGBK Berlin Gallery as part of the exhibition.

  • If It's Fun, The Extended Book Practice

    The Extended Book Practice, Collaboration with Lee Meir, Presented and developed in the frame of: ausland
    If It's Fun, Collaboration with Lee Meir, Tanztage 2014, Sophiensaele Berlin / Diver Festival 2014, Tel-Aviv

  • Normal Dance

    Movement research for Normal Dance, Choreographer: Antonia Baehr, HAU, Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin

  • The Calling

    choreographer: Tami Lebovitz, Curtain Up festival, 2016, Tel Aviv / Kelim Choreography Center, Bat Yam, Israel, Performance 0:6, The International Performance Conference festival, Jerusalem

  • While house

    While House (Collaboration with ‘The Instrument’- Maya M. Carroll and Roy Carroll, 40 min)
    the work was developed and presented in the frame of: ausland Residency Series 'Place Rhythm. Pulse' presentations: 'ausland', Berlin / Curtain Up Festival 2014, Tel-Aviv / Laborgas, Berlin

  • Some fish swim up the river to die

    Some Fish Swim Up the River to Die (a dance trio, 26 min) Co-creators and performance: Shani Granot, Maayan Danoch, Music: ivan mijacevic, premier: Curtain Up Fest. 2011

  • Homonimi

    a solo performance 2009, 2012, Hazira, 'Voice of The Word Festival', Flutgraben, 2019, Berlin

  • I am Salome too

    a solo performance, created and presented in the frame of Opera(tion)#1

  • Trained

    a solo performance. made in Collaboration with Keren Ida Nathan, A- genre festival, Tmuna theater, Tel-Aviv.

  • Chamber of Chambers

    Choreography and Performance for a series of performance events by Pathos Mathos, an interdisciplinary group of artists from Tel Aviv. Founder and Director: Lilach Avneri Dekel