Ofer Laufer

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Ofer Laufer is an artist who moves almost seamlessly between his work as a lighting designer, space and objects designer, and creating sculptures and installations in the public space. His work takes place in the space between object, light, action and environment, and is characterized by lyrical precision and tenderness alongside urban brutality, vandalism, and industrialism. The poetics that stems from the intersection of these forces is embodied in a performance of light images and objects that act in subversion against and for the environment in which they exist.

  • Bor #3

    Mechanical light installation, Autumn Cult, Hazira, 2017

  • Rise of The Machine

    Mechanical installation, 'Meal Umeever', Roofs project, Mekudeshet festival, 2018

  • Here It Comes

    Light sculpture, 'Night Lamp' festival, 2017

  • Reflecting Shadows

    installation in collaboration with Omer Shezaf, 'Night Lamp' festival, 2016

  • Monkeys

    Monkeys, co - creation with Amit Drori, lighting design and monkeys construction, Hazira, 2018


    lighting design and scenography, Shani Shabtai, Batel Dotan and Adi Kahana, Hazira, 2018

  • Gulliver

    lighting design, Zvi Sahar, Hazira, 2017

  • The Swan and the Pimp

    lighting design, Hilel pagan, Inbal Dance Theatre, 2017

  • I look after

    עיצוב תאורה, נאוה פרנקל, הזירה, 2017
    lighting design, Nava Frenkel, Hazira, 2017

  • Suddenly

    lighting design, Zvi Sahar, Hakameri Theatre, 2017

  • Yesh Beze Tom

    lighting design, Ayala Frenkel, Bat Yam Street Arts festival, 2017

  • Hedim

    instillation and lighting design, collaboration with Omer Shezaf, Mekudeshet 2016

  • Somewhere and Now

    lighting design, Uri Shafir

  • Learning Songs

    lighting design, Nava Frenkel, Israel Festival 2016

  • Dance Arena 2016

    lighting design, collaboration with Omer Shezaf, Hazira, 2016

  • Anaugana

    lighting design, Anat Danieli, Kelim Choreography Center, Bat Yam, 2016

  • wig it

    lighting design, Ido Feder, Curtain Up 2015

  • W

    lighting design, Talya Beck, Kelim Choreography Center, Bat Yam, 2015

  • Give me a place to stand on and I will move the earth

    lighting design, scenography and objects, Nava Frenkel, Hazira 2018

  • Mark Elijahu

    lighting design, collaboration with Omer Shezaf, Mekudeshet 2015