Amit Drori

Artistic and General Director of Hazira. A Theatre director and space designer, he is a graduate of the School of Visual Theater (2001) and has been teaching at the school since 2006. He is a member of the artistic committee of Bat-yam Festival of Street Art and Theater (2015-2017). He is one of the founders of the artists compound Fest’ Factory and the Pandora Collective. In his work, Drori creates live, intensive and poetic performances, based on human performers that act side by side with robotic objects. These are built by Drori and his team through detailed, unique manual work. In his work, Drori creates landscapes of artificial nature, which give rise to mythical tensions between human consciousness, technology, and nature. His work moves within the boundaries of theater, performance, and installation. His creative work has won recognition both in Israel and around the world and his works have been shown in more than 20 countries. These include a presentation of his work at the Barbican center in London, the Nord-Zone Performance Festival in Groningen, The Netherlands, and the Taipei Art Festival, Taiwan. His works are based on extended developmental processes and cooperative international productions. He is the winner of the Rosenblum Prize, 2010.

  • Monkeys

    2018, A production of Hazira
    TJP Strasbourg, Ljublijana Puppet Theater, Theatre Garonne, Toulouse, TNB Rennes

  • Savana – a Possible Landscape

    2011, A production of Vidy-Lausanne Theater, Switzerland.
    A joint production with Theatre Bonlliue, Annecy, Cilturescapes Basel

  • Orlando

    2009, A production of Vidy-Lausanne Theater, Switzerland, Herzliya Ensemble, Israel Festival

  • Gulliver

    2007, The Train Theater, Jerusalem

  • Terminal

    A production of Hamaabada, Jerusalem, The Jerusalem International Puppet-show Festival, Israel Festival, Chour Saison, PIF, Zagreb

  • Plasmatica – Voyage Diaries

    Acre Festival 2002

  • Ha Saga

    Acre Festival 2001

  • Zuz, Ata Mastir Li Et Hashemesh

    Stage design: , Ofira Henig, 2014
    TAK Theatre, Lichtenstein

  • 4:48 Psychoza

    Stage design: Amir Klinger, 2016
    Haifa Theater

  • Hacking Wagner

    Stage design: Saar Magal
    The Munich Opera

  • Geshem Shachor

    Stage Design: Ofira Henig, 2007
    Israel Festival, Herzeliya Ensemble

  • Etz Kaf Hayad

    Stage Design: Nava Frankel, 2012

  • Hashulchan

    Stage Design: Nomi Yoeli.
    Teatron Katsar Festival, Tsvata

  • Uri

    Puppet Design: Uri Dromer, 2001
    Hazira, Acre Festival

  • Hamavet Yoshev Leyadi

    Puppet Design: Mor Frank, 2003
    Khan Theater, Habima Theater

  • Mysteria Ensemble

    Stage design: ,2000