Guy Gutman

Artist and Director. Director of Miklat 209. During 2009-2017, he was the Head of the School of Visual Theater. Founder and curator of the school’s International Performance Conference. An editor in of the journal Maakaf. Studied at the École des Beaux Arts in France and the Central Saint Martins College in London. Taught at the Central Saint Martins College and served as head of the program of Space Design at Shenkar College.

  • Hahok Hatermodinami Hasheni

    with Ensemble 209.

  • The School of Weathers Project

    consisting of the two productions Non Tropo and Oslo. Hazira, 2018

  • Sipurei Savta

    with Ensemble 209

  • Amplifier

    with Ensemble 209

  • Remix

    with Ensemble 209

  • Avoda Zara

    with Ensemble 209

  • Mimarav Layareach

    with Ensemble 209 (in cooperation with the Levinsky Garden Library).