By Virtue of the Same Movement | Mica Kupfer

A movement performance combining visual images and sound.

Power is a raw material, a driving force. It creates and destroys, gives and takes, expands and deflates, a vital condition for existence. New realms emerge through actions that blur between body, material, beauty, violence and humor. Within the body’s persistent resemblance to a sculpture and its downfall, the performance journeys through construction and dismantling, reality and refutation, abstract and concrete.

Creator: Mica Kupfer | Performers: Meshi Olinky, Ben Kobi, Mica Kupfer | Music and Sound: Yaniv Hayoun | Stage design: Mica Kupfer, Elad æladin Kalai | Construction Planning and Building: Elad æladin Kalai, Eden Bar Sever | Lighting Design: Oded Komemi | Artistic Advisor: Nava Frenkel | External Eye: Adi Helman

Show duration: About 60 minutes. Without text. The show includes nudity.