No Tree, No Dust | Lior Pinsky

No Tree, No Dust is a musical-performative work that lingers in the frontier areas between pure sound and written word, between sculptural images and the presence of the human body, between musical space and stage time.

The work combines live music, texts, objects and movement. it invites the audience to a patient, dark, poetic, almost melodic and sometimes even sad wander, between the void and the wholeness.

No Tree, No Dust offers a world with doubtful existence, suspending the gaze in favor of the imagination.

Lior Pinsky creates experimental electronics based music. Stage works. Installation works. Keyboards and strings. Field recordings. Texts. Concrete music. Mechanical and electronic mechanisms. The elements in his work appear and disappear griplless in to an ever-changing space, with movements and journeys formed within the musical-performative work whilst spreading beyond it.

The acts in his new work offer the audience a different, intimate and anatomical perception of performance. Pinsky shows an evolving and developing stage work as an examination of ideas and principles about our perception of time and reality – these are examined in philosophical aspects on the one hand, and through a sensory and unmediated experience that seeks to remain simple, personal and effective on the other.

Creator: Lior Pinsky | Co-creator: Mika Kupfer | Sound design: Amir Meir | Lighting design: Dana Tkatch | Lighting consulting: Eyal Lally Bitton | Dramaturgy and artistic accompaniment: Nir Shaulof | Object design and artistic accompaniment: Amit Drori | Photo: Dana Decktor 

Show duration: about an hour. The show includes loud volume.