The Water Boy and the Water | Ariel Sereni Brown

The theater curtain finally opens. Two friends sit on a bench in the park, one confesses to a vision he has: sometimes he can see through the eye sockets of a stranger. As they talk, that same stranger hides nearby, lurking behind the bushes, peeking at the two.

The water boy and the water is a journey into the depths of theater. A recordless miniature spectacle. A tiny puppet theater without puppets. What begins as a promise for a story and a plot, crushes on the fronts of haunted surroundings, lonely and anxious in which the search for human warmth is stretched and screens to infinity, into the depths of the black cube.

Ariel Sereni Brown is a theater creator who studies the relationship between glorious stage traditions and marginal cultures. His works have been performed among others in: Greenland, Denmark, Lithuania, Acre, Serbia and Jaffa.

Creator: Ariel Sereni Brown | Performers and co-creators: Yoel Peled, Maya Landsman, Ariel Sereni Brown | Dramaturgy: Nir Shauloff | Stage Design: Ariel Sereni Brown and Uri Zamir | Lighting Design: Omer Sheizaf | Original Music: Or Rimmer | Sound Design: Marco Milevski Tomasin | Costume: Lilla Rome Wieselberg | Mechanism and Space Design: Amit Drori | Construction: TechPoetry – Hazira | Mask Design: Noa Etgar | Production: Shira Sendik | Photos by: Shira Marek

Show duration: About 75 minutes. The show contains sexual content, and may include triggers for those sensitive to eating disorders.