Tricks | Lilla Roma Weisselberg

On a big stage comprised of small pieces, labors a gang of a rebellious wild type.

They carry a small abandoned world, and wear it like jewelry.

They tens their muscles to balance themselves in a hastily-made reality.

Ready for action, they use the wall (that pretends to be the floor) to launch themselves into space


Without sound

Without gravity

Above the solar system,

Movement thickens and becomes random.

From afar, planet earth appears to go up in flames. 

A performance piece combining movement, sound and live music.

By intense clashes of body and substance, a wild pack-company was devised and charged with the sisyphean task, to build an everyday while reality keeps falling apart.

Creator: Lilla Roma Weisselberg | Performers: Uri Zamir, Gal Amoyal, Michael Yalon, Ron Sheskin, Lilla Roma Weisselberg | External eye: Nava Frenkel | Sound Design: Marco Milevski Tomasin, Ron Sheskin | Stage design: Lilla Roma Weiselberg and Uri Zamir | Light design: Omer Sheizaf | Ball design: Shahar Or | Production: Romy Ginsburg | Artistic guidance: Natalie Zukerman, Jason Danino Holt, Nava Frenkel | Photos: Dana Decktor

Show duration: About 60 minutes. Without text. The show includes loud volume and the use of smoke.