Worlds – a Canaan-Futuristic Song Cycle | Ana Wild

A science-fiction performance which provides a new and different view of the way we understand the past and imagine the future. 

‘Worlds – a Canaan-Futuristic Song Cycle’ is a performance of images and thoughts, looking anew at the past and re-imagining a future: a levantine, middle-eastern, Mediterranean, sweaty, radical, feminist, transgressive, poetic, refusing closure, non-western, non-Jewish, non-holy, fresh, understanding history, looking at archaeology, engaging with technology, fragmented, embodied, hopeful, angry, sci-fi, punk, pop, Israeli future[s].

Ana Wild, an interdisciplinary artist and performer, who makes performances and installations. Graduate of the School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem IL and DasArts, Amsterdam NL. In ‘Worlds,’ Ana Wild borrows ideas from the Canaanite movement, Afro-futurism, and Canaanite mythology to dispute the supposed linearity of Israeli national identity, its past, present, and future.

Creator and Performer: Ana Wild | Co-creator: Talya De Vries | Musical Work and Qanun: Yael Lavi | Space: Tal Gafny | Costumes: Mai Aylon | Outside Eye: Marius Schaffter.

Show duration: About 60 minutes. English and Hebrew. The show contains sounds of explosions.