A musical visual performance by an ensemble of robots, sculptures, and kinetic dolls, who play original and traditional instruments built and adapted for each figure according to its physical and figurative character. This spectacular work was produced as a special musical project by Hazira in 2017, and was presented throughout December at Jerusalem’s YMCA. The […]


A mechanical jungle, complex and full of life, awaits onstage. The gaze that tries to penetrate the stage meets dozens of eyes that are staring back from a darkness that is crowded with machines, devices, lights, and whispers. Three people and nine robotic monkeys share one stage: after five years of meticulous manual building, the […]


Reliquiae is a general term for body parts or personal items left behind by saints. In certain religions, these relics, believed to have supernatural powers, are carefully preserved and often displayed. The exhibition comprises a set of objects moving on a plastic-physical-spiritual axis, which were developed through personal research into physical-plastic representations of the sublime. […]